Cancel & Refund Policy



This cancellation, return and refund policy is applicable on the sales & purchase made through, its mobile site or application (“Website”) and is binding upon the Buyer and Seller who made or entered into the transactions between them.

This policy is in addition to the Terms & Conditions document, Privacy Policy and any other policy or guidelines as available on the Website and made part of the Additional Terms as applicable to the Users. Capitalized terms not defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed to them in other document /policy as applicable and available on the Website.

 Buyer includes the person who purchase various products or services through and on Website, as listed and make available by the Seller (“Buyer”) and Seller means the person (whether individual or legal entity) who list the products or services on Website for sell to Buyer (“Seller”).


  1. Cancellation by Seller:
    1. Buyer acknowledges that Seller has the full right to cancel any offer of order placed by the Buyer without incurring any liability towards damages or otherwise that is

                                                                             i.      Not available in stock or services not possible for the reasons beyond the reasonable control of the Seller;

                                                                            ii.      Listing of pricing or any other commercial details is incorrect (whether due to clerical or technical mistake);

                                                                          iii.      Delivery of the product or service is not possible at the address of the Buyer; and

                                                                          iv.      Any other reason notified from time to time or mentioned at listing page of such product or service.

  1. Cancellation by Buyer:
    1.  Buyer can cancel the order placed by Buyer provided:

                                                                             i.      Seller has accepted the cancellation request. Buyer acknowledges that Seller has the right to either accept or reject the cancellation request.

                                                                            ii.      In case of GST Training, Skills Tests & Certifications Services (excluding physical training, test or certification), the Buyer can cancel the order placed by it anytime a day prior to commencement of actual date of training, test or certification. However on case to case basis, Seller reserves the right to charge an appropriate cancellation fee and the same will be notified in the relevant training course terms and conditions. Any cancellation of physical training, tests and certification services will be subject to the terms and conditions of such training, test or certification.

                                                                          iii.      Once an order for any automation tool or GST package is made by the Buyer, the same will be non-cancellable unless Seller has made specific cancellation terms as part of the respective product listing or in case Seller agrees to accept the cancellation request of the Buyer on reasonable grounds but at its sole discretion without any compulsion from the Buyer and subject to any cancellation fee or charges levied by the Seller.

                                                                          iv.      In case of Expert Interaction, the service fees paid by the Buyer will be non-refundable. However, the Expert Interaction Seller at its sole discretion may allow Buyer to avail same services in future for which he/she has paid to the Seller.

  1. Cancellation by GstStreetmall as platform:
    1. GstStreetmall reserves the right to cancel the order placed by Buyer with respect to product or services of other sellers in the following circumstance:

                                                                             i.      Product, services not meeting the listing criteria or other guidelines as applicable to the listing of such product or services;

                                                                            ii.      GstStreetmall reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order placed for an item/product or services that is listed at an incorrect price, or upon Seller’s request or for any reason beyond and in accordance with an agreement with Seller, these Cancellation, Return & Refund Policy, Website Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy or under any contract or policy between GstStreetmall and the Seller or the Buyer or under an order or instruction from any statutory, quasi-judicial or judicial authority. In case, the Buyer is charged, the same shall be credited to its account/payment instrument as per Refund Policy and Buyer will be duly notified through email or phone call.

 To cancel the order, the Buyer will have to contact GstStreetmall via email or any other communication platform. Any amount liable to be refunded (subject to cancellation charges, if applicable) after processing of cancellation request will be processed to the bank account or to the other payment channel (e.g. credit card, e-wallet etc.) of the Buyer, through which the payment was made at the time of purchase. Mode of refund of payment shall be at the sole discretion of GstStreetmall. 

For all products, services live on GstStreetmall, inventory levels are based on demand and price forecasting, availability and replenishment lead times. As this is an on-going process and complex, some products or services may go out of stock despite our best efforts and therefore Buyer acknowledges and agree that neither Buyer shall held Seller or GstStreetmall liable or responsible for non-delivery or any other matter nor raise any claim against the Seller or GstStreetmall for any reason whatsoever.

 In case the product becomes unavailable with our Seller and can’t be procured within 7 business days from order confirmation day, then the order will be cancelled. In case the buyer is charged, the amount shall be credited to the Buyer as per Refund Policy and will be duly notified by the email. Decision of GstStreet will stand final in such cases. 

  1. B.       RETURN POLICY:

Subject to return exceptions, Buyer can place a request for return of products in the below listed scenarios:

  1. Seller’s product offering include provisions relating to return of a product subject to certain conditions as specifically mentioned in such product offering e.g. 10 days return guarantee programme etc.; or
  2. Wrong or different product is dispatched by the Seller;

 Buyer must read and understand that, some additional terms may be applicable to the product which may be available on Website or be intimated by the Seller at the time of purchase of the Product.

 Buyer must use only their own account and email id registered with Website for the transaction or placing return request. The liability to use an account fraudulently will be on the Buyer and the onus to 'prove otherwise' shall be exclusively on the Buyer.


Return Request shall be subject to the following below conditions:


Validity Period



2 days from delivery

Partial Order, Wrong or different product.

Refund only after reverse pickup and only in case correct replacement is not provided by the Seller.



Buyer will not be eligible for return in the following scenarios:

  1. Return request after the validity period as given above has passed.
  2. Delivered order is used or installed.
  3. We do not accept partial returns for orders supplied.
  4. Items sold as sets/combos cannot be exchanged or returned individually.
  5. E.       REFUND POLICY:


    1. Product/Service Order amount is refunded.
    2. Shipping / Delivery or any other non-refundable charges notified by the Seller are not refundable
    3. Refund will reflect in the account which you used to order within 7-10 business days.

 Cash on Delivery (COD) REFUND:

 Product/Order amount is refunded.

  1. COD charge (including delivery charges) is not refundable.
  2. Shipping fees is not refundable.
  3. Refund will reflect in the bank account provided by you within 7-10 business days.


  2. Discounts are applied on the product price excluding all convenience charges such as COD and handling. Issuance or redemption of a voucher or coupon will apply to the total value of the qualifying order once all promotional discounts have been applied.
  3. A coupon is valid for one-time use (unless otherwise specified) and cannot be clubbed with any other coupons.
  4. Coupons are valid only on pre-paid orders.
  5. Welcome coupon is valid only for the first prepaid order. COD orders do not disqualify this coupon.
  6. Coupon details such as minimum order value, maximum discount etc. are provided at the properties where they are published.
  7. Suitable legal action will be taken against websites involved in unauthorized publication of GstStreetmall vouchers. GstStreetmall will only honor vouchers which are issued or published directly by GstStreetmall or our authorized partner websites.
  8. GstStreetmall reserves the right to cancel any orders placed using promotional vouchers. Some situations where your order may be cancelled include, without limitation, misuse of any promotional vouchers, unauthorized usage of vouchers or inaccuracies of voucher pricing, the technical glitch and value thresholds. The voucher amount will not be refunded for such cases.




The products are listed and made available directly by the Seller and Buyer when purchase such products accepts the offer for sell from Seller only. Thus any transaction with respect to buy and sell of any product listed on Website are only between the Seller and the Buyer, and therefore GstStreetmall is not a third party beneficiary under such bipartite contract.