FADA -GST Certificate Course for Automobile Dealers @GSTStreet by Dr. Sanjiv Agarwal

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Federation of Automobile Dealers Association (FADA)  brings exclusive Course designed by GSTStreet for its all India Members, Manufacturers, Service providers and Traders/ Wholesellers. Dynamic and Industry ready GST knowledge with blended learning led by Dr. Sanjiv Agarwal, FCA,FCS,ACIS(UK) and supported by all India Pool of 400+ experts on GSTStreet. 25 Modules , 30+ Industry specific scenario, Q&A support, Dynamic & collaborative content management by GSTStreet gives an extra edge to this certificate course.

FADA -GST Certificate Course for Automobile Dealers

1)        Overview of existing taxes for automobile dealers 

2)        Overview of GST - meaning, need, objectives, models etc.

3)        Taxanomy of GST laws – CGST, UTGST, SGST and IGST

4)        Meaning of important terms in GST

5)        Taxable person and threshold exemption

6)        Composition Scheme

7)        Registration transactions – inter / intra-state

8)        Supply of goods / services

9)        Time of supply

10)     Place of supply

11)     Valuation of supplies

12)     Discounts and ancillary services

13)     Invoices / debit – credit notes

14)     Job works

15)     Work contracts

16)     Input tax credit

17)     Payment of tax

18)     Reverse charge mechanism

19)     Accounts and records

20)     Suppliers – vendor management

21)     Documentation for business

22)     Returns / reconciliation

23)     Transitions provisions

24)     Audit

25)     Assessment

26)     Penal provisions

27)     Compliance management

28)     Anti-profiteering measures

29)     Peculiar features of automobile dealers business

30)     Tips for planning / compliance

# Special Scenario covered in this course given below

Special Scenario for Automobile industry covered in this Course with Dynamic Content customized &designed by selected best experts from GSTStreet and Industry stalwarts, with experience of blended Digital learning at GSTStreet Connect powered by Learning Management Systems.

FADA has partnered with GSTStreet experts to make Industry members of any size , small , medium or large aware of GST learnings and adopt automation in business processes aligned with dynamic and evolving GST requirements to grow and succeed faster and maintain business ratings in the ecosystem as compliant citizen of India.

Special scenario for Industry covered in this course

  1. Market Penetration and Additional Consideration
  2. Treatment of State Industrial Subsidies in GST
  3. Post- Sale Discount & Ad-hoc Discount Treatment in GST
  4. Valuation of Demo Cars
  5. Valuation and GST impact on Second Hand Cars
  6. Pre-delivery inspection charges
  7. Advertisement charges recovered from dealers
  8. Commission from Banks and Insurance companies
  9. Road Tax / Life Tax
  10. Treatment of Road Side Assistance and Extended Warranty
  11. Related Party Transactions & Disclosures
  12. Reimbursement of Insurance and registration – Full or Partial
  13. High Security number plate charges & GST
  14. Credit card swiping charges and its treatment in GST
  15. Valuation of various commission paid & Barter transactions
  16. Year end & Special discount
  17. Free Service Coupon Vouchers & Third party coupon booklets
  18. Treatment of Advance vs Deposits
  19. Apportionment of income based on Vehicle Identification number
  20. Supply without sale
  21. Input Credit on VAT / Excise / CST / Entry Tax etc Paid pre-GST regime – Transition
  22. NCCD , Auto Cess, Infrastructure Cess on purchase of vehicles
  23. Manpower , Wager and Contract labour in GST regime
  24. Motor vehicles used for Training purpose & Test Drive purpose
  25. Vendor Tooling
  26. Market Value Determination and Valuation Principles in GST
  27. OEM Dispatch – Vehicles , Spares and Consumables
  28. Input credit migration for Capital Goods / Imported goods
  29. Anti Profiteering measures
  30. Functional Impact within organization, inter-company , inter-department

 Outline of Course Content download here - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxEvMVFnFgBiOUpnQmo0REJSM3M

This course is Ideal for - Automobile manufacturing & OEM associations to train and certify their staff and vendors with 4 C of GST ( Credible, Comprehensive, Complete and Correct ) information and course led by well known expert Dr. Sanjiv Agarwal , FCA, FCS, ACIS(UK) & Author of 25 best seller books in Taxation and Corporate Law. Joint Participation Certificate from FADA and GSTStreet will be provided on completion of course.

Dr. Sanjiv Agarwal's - Profile of Course Author is as below - 


FAQ's on FADA @GSTStreet Course 

What are the benefits of this course ?

This course is Ideal for - Automobile manufacturing & OEM associations to train and certify their staff and vendors with 4 C of GST ( Credible, Comprehensive, Complete and Correct ) information and course led by well known expert Dr. Sanjiv Agarwal , FCA, FCS, ACIS(UK) & Author of 25 best seller books in Taxation and Corporate Law. Joint Participation Certificate from FADA and GSTStreet will be provided on completion of course.

What is this course all about ?

This is a 1 month structured & blended GST learning ideal for Business owners / Startups/ Professionals/  Accountants / Finance Managers / Supply Chain / Business Marketing & Startups dealing directly or indirectly with Automobile Industry , one of the largest employer in India and generating export revenue. Even self employed professionals or service providers working in / for Automobile Industry comprising of OEMs, Service Providers, Repairing workshops, SME manufacturers could look upto this course to gain deeper insight about GST and how it can help them in their business provided concepts are well understood. This course follows dynamic content which means you will get lots of update about changes impacting your industry during this self-paced course.

Who are eligible for this course  ?

Anyone directly or indirectly working in Automobile Industry and want to learn about GST and grow his/ her business / employability in this sector.

What is the Duration of course and how to join ?

This is an expert led course in e-learning and blended learning mode including webinars, PPT, PDF, Audio/ Video , GST Notes and MCQ's . Course will have 3 hours (300 minutes) of curated contents to make the course participants enabled with GST. Joining this course is very simple , log on to www.gststreet.com , go to buzz section and click on GSTStreet connect and you will go to LMS , with your ID and Password provided at the time of registration , you can start learning the course by clicking modules. This course will also provide Q&A Support through FAQ , E-Book and Private Community as appropriate to provide hand-holding to FADA members till 31st December 2017.

Whether there is a need to visit any city / center to attend the class room ?

Our money is digital , transactions are digital and now tax is going to be digital , so education should also be digital. This course do not require you to go to any classroom , it is fully self paced , at your own home , office and comfort. Learn from the best at your best time.

What is the purpose of this course ?

GST is not only a business change but a cultural shift also , FADA want to make its members ready to embrace this change and geared up for the new orbit of growth which will happen in this country post elimination of tax cascading. GSTStreet and FADA launched this course to reach to last mile for providing knowledge.

Why this course has been kept at a low price ?

We want our members to get benefited without taking the burden of high cost of education , you can train yourself , your staff and accountants into GST to ultimately help maintaining your over business rating in GST regime. To maximize reach we have kept the course price as low as INR 5000 plus service tax / GST. Memebers have to use "FADA" coupon code to get the price of the course reduced from 10000 to 5000 , plus ST/GST.

What is the Refund policy ?

Full Refund is allowed before start of the course . However, no Refund after commencement of course shall be permitted.

Will the course solve Q&A of participants ?

Yes , Q&A are allowed during the course and interaction between expert and trainee. We will continue complimentary Q&A resoluton till 31st December 2017.

Is there any discount available for group booking ?

FADA members are eligible for 50% discount on the original course price of INR 10000/-. by using code "FADA" at the time of ordering course on ww.w.gststreet.com

What all mode of payments are allowed to join this course ?

All leading digital payment methods provided by secure gateway of CC Avenue are available on www.gststreetmall.com


How will be the participant's performance be evaluated / assessed ? 

MCQ (multiple choice Questions) are provided in modules to self- assess the knowledge gained.

Who will provide the course certificate ?

Course participation certificate will be issued by FADA , GSTStreet and Course Co-ordinator Dr. Sanjiv Agarwal.

How the course certificate will reach to us ?
Course certificate will be e-mailed to participant.

What is the price / investment for this GST Accountant course ?

Course is priced at INR 5750/- ( 5000 plus service tax / GST as applicable) 

What all will be covered in this course ?

The course has been designed with dynamic content comprising of 30 modules and various industry specific scenario covered to capture the knowledge need of FADA members.